Emerson Zandegu


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Emerson is an artist and aspirational garden gnome born and raised in Naarm (Melbourne).
His eclectic and colourful body of work explores identity, gender, and the natural world. He's into plants, ceramic cats, bad movies, and obscure Wikipedia articles.
i can be your angle... or yuor devil (2022)
Looping animation

An angel and a demon, floating somewhere between heaven and hell.

I love drawing explicitly gay/trans/gender non-conforming men. It feels so good to freely express those parts of myself in my art; working through the shame and insecurity associated with being visibly gay and trans has been a Long Process, but very worthwhile.
There's also something really satisfying about taking religious symbols and making them distinctly gay/transgender. This piece is pretty fun and goofy, but I always take pride in reclaiming and subverting biblical imagery.

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