Percy Harris


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I make art and games that are often about connection, the feeling of wanting to know someone
or to be known. My digital paintings are centred on interesting colour and rendering, aiming to
capture what I feel about the subject I am painting in how I paint them.

The majority of my paintings feature people. My games are short and often narrative-focused, I attempt to conjure up a specific mood and keep the player in that mood with me as they play it.
Aquarius (2021)
Digital painting

Aquarius is a piece I drew almost two years ago, somewhat based on the feeling of meeting other trans people for the first time.
It is also about the first gay feelings I had following realising I was trans, that I had the context of knowing were gay. It’s slightly intimate.
The subject of the painting stares back at you as you stare at them, like you’ve found yourself in a moment of attraction or admiration.
Stare Up (2022)
Digital painting

In some ways, Stare Up is a continuation of what I was exploring with Aquarius.
It is a painting centred on a single subject, with the same intent of positioning the viewer as someone sharing a moment with them. Only this time the subject doesn’t meet your eyes, staring somewhere else while you stare up at them.
The feelings behind the moment are a little less clear to me, some form of shared awe? This piece asserted itself while being made, the subject slowly shifted until they made themself known.
Guide to making lonely art (2022)
Written word and video

This was written for the Manifesto Jam 2022, hosted on the website It doesn’t fully fall under the category of being a manifesto though, instead it’s a piece of prose about the art I make and what causes me to make it.
It’s loosely inspired by the second person perspective and structure of the poem You Are Jeff by Richard Siken, bouncing between imagery and scenes that indirectly try to introduce the same concept repeatedly until it eventually reveals its emotional context.

Doe Eyes (2022)
Video game

Doe Eyes was made for this exhibition, based around the broader Gender Garden prompt.
It’s a game about going to events where the majority of people are trans and the specific cocktail of emotions that gives you. It’s in some ways a love letter to my friends and the people you briefly meet at parties.
The aesthetic is very rough around the edges, it's a continuation from another game of mine that is equally unpolished. I want to see what I make when I don't focus on creating something visually impressive.
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