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Avid storyteller from desert country, gently crafting in the digital realm.
Creatures and Monsters (2022)
Digital illustration

This series is designed to build a relationship between queer bodies and mythological creatures / monsters / icons that are often depicted alongside skinny, feminine, light-skinned “romantic” humanoids. By contrast, romanticising the “unromantic” form (a body-type similar to mine) to normalize and accept its eccentricity and giving it space to exist and be graceful alongside equally majestic and beautiful creatures.
The Tree of Life, the Giant Wolf, and the Unicorn are all important folk legends in my cultures and spiritual beliefs, especially the Tree of Life. Combined with the pagan and cultural symbolism in the border, I wanted to bring my spiritual connections into the work to connect it with myself even further.
Branches (2022)
Digital illustration

An olive branch is a symbol of forgiveness. This series is an apology to myself and the ambitions that I had when I first began my transition.
Before I began transitioning, I wanted to present fully masculine and have chest reconstructive surgery to help achieve that – however this past year my relationship with my gender and the way I want to present has shifted. It’s been very hard to embrace my new desires without fear and to accept that change to let go of the life I had promised myself, maybe those desires will come back one day or maybe they won’t and that’s ok.
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