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Dorian Manticore is an artist, writer, roleplaying game designer, and costumer from Melbourne (Bunurong Country). They’re active in the pagan community and founded The Sovereigns of the Golden Path, an emerging queer magical tradition.

He recently completed his debut novel The Passenger and hopes to have it published soon. Dorian is passionate about art, post-apocalyptic fiction, video games, philosophy, and pop culture.
Apocastasis (2014)
Wearable textile art, mixed media, resin, faux fur

Apocastasis is a mask I designed as a form of self-portrait, a way of externalizing my sense of gender and identity.
The Queer is often othered and maligned as monstrous;  forced into hiding and denial. Paradoxically, masks can allow us the freedom to express and celebrate our truest, most authentic selves.
This piece is an expression of finding joy, whimsy, and beauty in embracing that authenticity; of taking ownership of monstrousness and reveling in the untamed, liminal beauty of it.
The mask is custom fitted to my head, and the jaw opens and closes with my own when I speak. Apocastasis is an unfamiliar creature, and when worn has elicited a fascinating array of responses in viewers; from fear to curiosity to awe.

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