Lake Zammit


Multi media nonbinary artist from Victoria. I figured out I was trans a few years ago and took steps to transition about 2 years back.

My gender identity, experience with transition and the experience of growing up trans without really understanding it until much later comes through in most of my work here, and I enjoy exploring the subject through art even if it's just in a silly fun way rather than anything serious. I love experimenting with different mediums and often get bored if I do the same thing for too long.
looking down i saw my body as it had always been (2022)
Acrylic on canvas

Large scale textured acrylic painting on canvas, depicting another werewolf with top surgery scars in pink white and blue.
This piece specifically is representative of the first time I woke after surgery and looked down at myself feeling a specifically odd sensation of seeing my body as I had always seen it, as I knew it always was, but simultaneously had not been, the feeling itself was odd, one of both intense joy, calmness and mourning for the previous years I had spent in a body that did not feel like my own, also just general post surgery pain mixed in too (ouch)!

transgender werewolf (2022)
Polymer clay and acrylic paint

Small traditional sculpture, polymer clay painted in acrylics, companion piece to transgender werewolf bloodmoon, shows the little creature just sitting and existing in itself, the imagery of the werewolf in my work is tied to transformation and feeling of being monstrous.

This piece especially subverts that depicting the creature just existing calmly, it isn't a twisted tortured dramatic form but simply transformed and living as itself in a single moment sitting down and thinking about something.
transgender werewolf bloodmoon (2022)
Acrylic on canvas

Large scale thick textured acrylic painting on canvas, depicts a stylised werewolf with top surgery scars and body hair, haloed by what is intended to be both a moon and sun simultaneously, below it stands upon gushing red. Intended to depict moon cycles and transformation.
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