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I'm a multimedia-based artist Melbourne and have worked in TV animation and have lived within the realm of illustration for the better part of a decade. The work mixes inspiration from low-brow street art, animated media, online subcultures and life in the western suburbs of Melbourne.
My paintings incorporate calamity, perplexity and playfulness for life. Based acrylic with textures and brightly cheeky animals are my mirrors to the inner workings of the subconscious mind.
Much of the work surrounds themes of desire, food, gender, sexual identity and iconography from animation and love culture. Because I grew up with two amazing Mums, they let me watch a lot of cartoons and make a lot of art. So, I love to create what I see in my soul onto the canvas, wood or found materials!
The Beach Of Everyone (2022)
Acrylics on canvas

When I started this piece, I thought “There are such vibrant people in life, to love them is to see them reflected here as little cartoon blobs of paint.”
I love to paint vibrant loveliness from seeing our animated family and the roles that welcome them. So, I went to work. The beach is a warm place and so spacious, to know vastness in blue and golden space, to see those that made it their mission to slip into the fathomless ocean and dance into the sun. In that natural joy, awaken to the wave of everyone. We know the rhythm of all those who are real, funny or curious there. Let your heart open to beach celebrations.
Remember my nonsense, for when your ice-cream melts on the ground, you need to not become the ice-cream monster.

The Invisible House in The Garden (2022)
Acrylics on canvas

The truth of the conversation with self. When I painted this, the reality of the who in the hell of an Australian painter was I, hit me.
The Invisible House comprises of the personal, truth to put to action through conversation about gender. Disillusionment is like dysphoria. You’re telling me I wasn’t real until I became real? It’s a struggle when it may be invisible to some, until you speak on it. Then it becomes so heavy.
And in this piece, I’ve made the house take likeness to other cartoonists work who I love yet absolutely beguiles me. As we know we cannot separate from our family, our house so all there is left to do is getting out into the garden as one, and you know, everyone is family when they know Dance.
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